Inn at Whitefish COVID-19 Procedures

Rooms will be fully sanitized and disinfected between guest stays.
All rooms wil be left unoccupied for 24 hours between guests.
Housekeepers will wear masks and gloves at all times when cleaning guest rooms.
The pool will be closed.

Exepectations of lodging guests

Please let the Front Desk know when you plan to check in. This will allow us to communicate with you the availability of your room. Please note there could be delays in preparation of your room during this time.
Please let the Front Desk know when you check out. This is important so lodging can notify the housekeeping staff to initiate our Commitment to Clean protocol which includes waiting 3 hours after a guest checks out to clean.
If you or any of your party has a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 during your stay with us, please notify the front desk by phone as soon as possible.
Inn at Whitefish is not responsible to accommodate guests who are under a mandatory self-isolation from the Flathead County Health Department. If for some reason, your stay is extended, you are responsible for all logistics and expenses incurred.